English SATs Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Skills and Test Practice

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Remember, revise and practise

This bright, colourful and easy to use write-in workbook makes it simple and fun for Year 5 children to recap, revisit and reinforce what they’ve learned about grammar, punctuation and spelling. Its lively, friendly approach will test and strengthen their knowledge as it recognises their achievements and gently motivates future progress.

Boost skills and build confidence

An engaging array of targeted exercises allow Year 5 children to test their understanding of the grammar, punctuation and spelling they’ve learned so far, practise all their skills, cement their knowledge and feel positive and confident about their ability to achieve and succeed.

Get prepared for test success!

With SATs-style practice questions, vital revision content that recaps what they’ve been learning in class, tick boxes to mark their progress and full answers to check their work, children will quickly begin to feel ready for success in the tests.

Part of York Notes KS2 SATs

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Production date:February 2018