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go-boat-goGo, Boat, Go!

In this Phase 3 Bug Club Phonics Alphablocks fiction book: The Alphablocks get a boat, but it will not go!

Download free sample (PDF, 3.06MB)


mixing-muffinsMixing Muffins

In this Phase 3 Bug Club Phonics non-fiction book: I am going to mix muffins! What do I need?

Download free sample (PDF, 2.48MB)


no-lunchNo Lunch

In this Phase 3 Bug Club Phonics fiction book: Why is no one getting lunch today?

Download free sample (PDF, 5.49MB)


Go Kart GoGo-Kart, Go!

In this Phase 5  Bug Club Phonics non-fiction book: Chris and Kate have made a go-kart - but cause chaos when they realise they have forgotten to make the brakes!

Download free sample (PDF, 1.19MB)


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