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If you want to get to grips with Phonics Bug straight away why not try our free online taster below? There’s a week’s worth of lesson plans, worksheets, interactive games, and teaching software plus four decodable eBooks on this page! You can also take a peek at some of the readers in the box on the right. 


eBook: Go, Boat, Go!

In this Phase 3 (Set 9) Phonics Bug Alphablocks fiction book: The Alphablocks get a boat, but it will not go!

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eBook: Mixing Muffins

In this Phase 3 (Set 8) Phonics Bug non-fiction book: I am going to mix muffins! What do I need?

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eBook: No Lunch

In this Phase 3 (Set 8) Phonics Bug fiction book: Why is no one getting lunch today?

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eBook: On the Go

In this Phase 3 (Set 9) Phonics Bug non-fiction book: Let's learn about buses, trucks, trams and trains. Watch them go!

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Whole-class Teaching Software

CBeebies video clips, reading, spelling and writing activities for the whiteboard, as well as a wide range of pupil activities for Units 8 and 9 for completion by individuals or small groups.

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