Pinpoint English Whole Class Reading Y5: The Unforgotten Coat

Pinpoint is a new series of activities and resources created to provide you with highly focused resources for specific needs in English.          




  • 68 page teaching guide, A4 size
  • Flexible bank of activities, enough for 30 lessons 
  • Curriculum-linked activities for all areas of English using the context of the novel (writing, reading, comprehension, spelling & grammar, spoken language)
  • Vocabulary builders and cross curricular activities using themes from the text
  • Includes Photocopy Masters to support the activities
  • Introduces contemporary themes that today’s children can relate to
  • Saves teachers time searching for engaging activities to use across the curriculum, linked to the stimulus text
  • Ideas for differentiation included to help tailor activities to children’s needs

Pinpoint Whole Class Reading is a new series of teaching guides providing flexible and creative lessons for classic modern children’s books. 

This book provides 30 starter, main and plenary activities for teaching The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce in Year 5 / P6. These can be used interchangeably over a half term or over a longer period. Activities use three levels where appropriate, showing how the content can be adapted for children who need more support or challenge. 

The Unforgotten Coat sensitively addresses the contemporary issue of immigration through a friendship between two refugees from Mongolia and one of their classmates in Liverpool, offering links with current affairs, geography and art.

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Production date:August 2019