Pinpoint English Spelling Years 3 and 4

Pinpoint is a new series of activities and resources created to provide you with highly focused resources for specific needs in English.

  • 294 page photocopiable book, A4 size
  • Complete coverage of National Curriculum requirements for spelling 
  • Each unit contains a child-friendly introduction to a spelling rule followed by 3 pages of differentiated practice 
  • Scaffolded learning provides challenge for all, with the level of support gradually reduced
  • Provides strong foundation for SATs
  • Boosts vocabulary with definitions for over 400 words
  • Saves teachers time searching for carefully levelled spelling practice - just choose a topic from the contents and copy the pages you need
  • Includes child-friendly answers to encourage self-evaluation

This book provides flexible, pick up and go photocopiable activities for Years 3-4 / P4-5. Each spelling rule is introduced in child friendly language, and then tackled through a series of structured tasks which scaffold children’s learning and ensure progress regardless of the starting point.  

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Production date:June 2018