Bug Club Comprehension Y5 Below Deck: A Titanic Story 12-pack


Bug Club Comprehension is part of Pearson's Bug Club - the first whole-school phonics-based reading programme that joins books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read. Bug Club Phonics gives you a fun, firm foundation in phonics!

This pack contains 12 copies of A Titanic Story. It is 1912 and Grace is with her Auntie waiting to board the famous Titanic ship in Ireland. Grace hugs her Auntie tightly before boarding the huge ship to travel to America, alone. Auntie Nora has decided to send her niece to America to live with Uncle Patrick in the hope Grace will find a better future there. Children begin to imagine what it would be like to travel alone and move to a different country. Suitable for children age 9-10 (Year 5)

Part of Bug Club Guided Reading

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Production date:February 2017