Bug Club Comprehension Y6 The Road to Freedom 12-pack


Bug Club Comprehension is part of Pearson's Bug Club - the first whole-school phonics-based reading programme that joins books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read. Bug Club Phonics gives you a fun, firm foundation in phonics! 

This pack contains 12 copies of The Road to Freedom. Emma and her mother are slaves on a plantation. One day Mama hears that the master plans to sell some of the children and decides that she and Emma have to run away before Emma is sent to auction. The following night they set off through the woods and across a frozen river. They make a shelter out of sticks and leaves, desperately hoping to avoid the slave catcher. Children will discuss the concepts of slavery and freedom and explore the characters’ motivations for running away. Suitable for children age 10-11 (Year 6)

Part of Bug Club Guided Reading

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Production date:February 2017