Bug Club Comprehension Y6 Tsunami 12-pack


Bug Club Comprehension is part of Pearson's Bug Club - the first whole-school phonics-based reading programme that joins books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read. Bug Club Phonics gives you a fun, firm foundation in phonics! 

This pack contains 12 copies of Bug Club Comprehension title Tsunami. Using a combination of text types, including personal case study, the text outlines the beginning hours of the 2011 disaster in Japan, when a devastating earthquake hits. A massive tsunami is now on its way… Children explore some of the technical language presented in the text as well as to think more about the cause and effect of tsunamis. Children also discuss how the people of Japan initially reacted to the disaster, as well as to consider how the authors create a sense of drama in the text. Suitable for children age 10-11 (Year 6)

Part of Bug Club Guided Reading

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Production date:February 2017