Bug Club Phonics Phase 2 Non-fiction 2021 Top Up Pack (16 books)


This pack is for existing Bug Club Phonics customers looking to top up their collection with the non-fiction books published in 2021.

It includes one copy of each of the 2021 Phase 2 non-fiction books, so 16 books in total.

The books belong to the following phases and Bug Club Phonics units.

PHASE 2 (16 titles)

  • Units 1-2 (s a t p i n m d) 4x non-fiction
  • Unit 3 (g o c k) 4x non-fiction
  • Unit 4 (ck e u r) 4x non-fiction
  • Unit 5 (h b f ff l ll ss) 4x non-fiction
Part of Bug Club Phonics

Product details

Production date:September 2021