Bug Club Phonics All Phases 2021 Top Up Starter Pack (46 books)

Excite your children and give them a firm foundation in phonics


This pack is for existing Bug Club Phonics customers looking to top up their collection with the books published in 2021.

It includes one copy of each of the 2021 books, so 46 books in total.

The books belong to the following phases and Bug Club Phonics units.

PHASE 1 (6 wordless books, x3 fiction, x3 non-fiction)


PHASE 2 (16 non-fiction books)

  • Units 1-2 (s a t p i n m d) x4 books
  • Unit 3 (g o c k) x4 books
  • Unit 4 (ck e u r) x4 books
  • Unit 5 (h b f ff l ll ss) x4 books


PHASE 4 (10 books)

  • Unit 12 (consolidation) x5 fiction, x5 non-fiction


PHASE 5 (14 books)

  • Unit 13 (wh ph) x2 fiction, x1 non-fiction
  • Unit 14 (ay a-e eigh ey) x1 fiction, x1 non-fiction
  • Unit 15 (ea e-e ie ey y) x1 non-fiction
  • Unit 16 (ie i-e y i) x1 non-fiction
  • Unit 17(ow o-e o oe) x1 non-fiction
  • Unit 18 (ew ue u-e [long u] u/oul [short oo]) x1 fiction, x1 non-fiction
  • Unit 21 (ou oy) x1 fiction
  • Unit 22 (ere/eer are/ear) x1 fiction
  • Unit 25 (ge g dge) x1 fiction
  • Unit 27 (tch t[ion] ss[ion] c[ial] ea [w]a o) x1 fiction
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Production date:September 2021