Bug Club Phonics Alphablocks Set 10 Stop That Popcorn!

This product is part of Bug Club Phonics – the first synthetic phonics programme to bring together research-based teaching methods with 100% decodable books, videos, and an online reading world to give today's children a firm, fun foundation in Phonics.


Based on the CBBC TV series, Alphablocks is great for encouraging early readers. In this Phase 3 (Set 10) Bug Club Phonics Alphablocks fiction book: The Alphablocks get some popcorn, but it will not stop popping!  Suitable for children age 4-5.

Helpful notes on the inside front cover of each book highlight tricky words and give you ideas for before and during reading, and the inside back covers include ideas for delving deeper after reading to check understanding.

Part of Bug Club Phonics

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Production date:May 2011