Bug Club Reading Corner: Age 7-11: Bug Belly: Froggy Rescue

This title is part of Bug Club, the first whole-school reading programme that joins books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read. 
In this non-decodable, fiction Reading Corner book, the froglets are having a sleepover and wishing on shooting stars with their favourite uncle. Splish dreams of an exciting adventure, Splash wishes she wasn't afraid of water, and Splodge wants to FLY! If only Bug Belly's hungry tum hadn't gone URGLE-GURGLE GLUMP! he wouldn't have missed Magpie swooping down on unsuspecting little Splodge... Now, Bug Belly and the froglets must cross Whispering Woods on a dangerous rescue mission.

This is a Bug Club Reading Corner book. Reading Corner books are designed to help children to develop a love of reading through reading for pleasure. 

Part of Bug Club Reading Corner

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Production date:September 2022