Bug Club Reading Corner: Age 7-11: STEM in Our World: Space Technology

This title is part of Bug Club, the first whole-school reading programme that joins books with an online reading world to teach today's children to read. It is a non-decodable, fiction book that sits in Bug Club Reading Corner (our diverse, online reading for pleasure library that you get as part of a Bug Club eBook Library online subscription!).

Can you imagine going on a trip into space? What about flying along at 300 miles an hour in a levitating train? Or clinging onto your seat at a 4D movie? Thanks to STEM, soon you can do all this and more! Science, technology, engineering and maths are bringing new toys, tools and technological gadgets into our everyday lives. Come and meet Professor Tess Tube and join her STEM School where you will learn about the amazing gadgets and gizmos that are all around us.

STEM In Our World is an exciting and engaging series looking at new and future technologies.
Part of Bug Club Reading Corner

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Production date:October 2022