Bug Club Reading Corner: Age 7-11: The Dinoteks Secret Dinosaurs: Giants Awake!

In this non-decodable, fiction reading corner book, a secret is about to be revealed when Marlon Maxton visits a museum.... Here he finds a forgotten room with an old display of life-sized dinosaur models…. To his astonishment and delight, his interest in the models sparks them into life! But these are more than dinosaurs, these are Dinoteks: metallic-model-dinosaurs. They are as awesome as their prehistoric predecessors – and able to talk, feel and work together to face danger. Best of all they befriend Marlin and together boy and dinosaurs embark on a series of thrilling adventures. The first is to escape from their predators – hunting humans who believe these animals are a menace that should be destroyed. 

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Production date:November 2022