Bug Club Shared Reading: The Emperor's Sculpture (Year 2)

Engaging stories with curriculum-linked vocabulary progression


The Emperor of the animal kingdom is tiny. But he demands a giant sculpture is made of him to show just how important he is. This means trouble for Scribbles the Baboon who is an amazing artist, but doesn’t know how to carve a statue! Scribbles tries every material he can think of, but nothing seems to work … Will he make a sculpture in time to show the Emperor?

Bug Club Shared Reading titles are highly engaging and beautifully illustrated stories, designed to be read out loud. The programme exposes children to rich, curriculum-linked vocabulary, helping to build an understanding across school subjects and cultivate a love for reading. 

‘These books are a great start to addressing the wider curriculum and the vocabulary issues that schools are identifying.’ - Assistant Head, Primary Academy 

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Production date:April 2020