Bug Club discounts on sub-matching packs

Did you know?

Our Bug Club eBook Library matching packs consist of single or multiple copies of all the eBooks in our KS1/KS2 eBook Library (depending on which pack you choose).

This includes a range of new and existing Bug Club Independent titles, and all our existing Bug Club Guided and Bug Club Shared titles. The eBook Library also contains our exciting new Bug Club Reading Corner. Find out more about our Bug Club eBook Library here.

Read on to discover more information about these specific print packs and the discounts we can offer you.

Discount offers for Bug Club Phonics complete packs of reading books

We have a selection of print packs which exactly match the eBooks included in your online Bug Club Phonics subscription

Read on to find out more about these three packs and the discounts we can offer you.

Discount offers for the Pearson Reading Premium Print Packs

These print packs are a great way to get even better discounts on even more resources. 

These packs contain every Bug Club, Bug Club Phonics and Rapid book. They include everything you need to ensure all children in your school, from all backgrounds and whatever stage of learning they are at, have access to books that are just right for them to help them discover a lifelong love of reading.