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Plays to Read is an irresistible range of original short plays created for groups of six pupils to read aloud together. The idea is to read the play aloud, then keep swapping the parts until all six readers are confident with the new words. Then you can perform a rehearsed reading to the rest of the class. There are plays for KS1 and KS2.

Specially written by a top selection of brilliant children’s authors, the series features a variety of tales from award-winning creator of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, who launched Plays to Read in her role as Children’s Laureate.

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How the Plays to Read work

  • Each play should be read by six pupils, helping foster playtime, collaboration and turn-taking, while also building fluency and literacy.
  • Fun storylines, illustrations and characters boost engagement and enjoyment around reading.
  • Colour coded content helps pupils stay on track and confidently play their part.
  • Rhyme and repetition encourage better comprehension, and more fluent communication.
  • All readers get a chance to speak, and have a go trying every part – with each part popping up throughout each play, and less confident readers able to follow on from more confident peers.
  • Short story lengths maximise chances to repeat the plays in class, and limit the possibility of distractions.
  • Shy readers feel empowered by playing a part, and getting inside a role.
  • Interactive eBook versions are also available, allowing pupils to pick the part they want to play while other parts are read back to them.

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