Intervention Rapid Reading Print Pack (1 copy of every reader plus Teacher Guides)

This pack contains all 136 Rapid Reading books, 17 benchmark assessment books and all the teaching guides – all you need to help your struggling readers in KS2 (P4-P7) to catch up.
  • Part of the Pearson Primary Literacy Reading Pathways.
  • Proven to help struggling readers to make double the expected progress and, for some children, even quadruple their progress.
  • High-interest, low-reading-age books for children in KS2 (age 7-11) who have fallen behind.
  • The finely-levelled, age-appropriate texts build children's confidence, fluency and comprehension skills.
  • Lesson plans are easy to follow and are designed for one-to-one or small group intervention sessions.
Part of Primary Literacy Reading Pathways

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Production date:October 2022