Pearson Reading Premium Print Pack (single copies)

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This pack contains a single copy of every Bug Club, Bug Club Phonics and Rapid book and is ideal for smaller schools who want to ensure every child from Reception to Year 6 has access to books perfectly suited to their needs. The pack includes everything you need to ensure all children in your school, from all backgrounds and whatever stage of learning they are at, have access to books that are just right for them to help them discover a lifelong love of reading.

The pack includes all available printed titles from the following series:
  • Bug Club Phonics for practising decoding skills using real books
  • Bug Club Independent for independent reading practice (now fully decodable)
  • Bug Club Guided for adult-led group sessions or additional independent practice
  • Bug Club Shared for improving language comprehension skills for the whole class 
  • Bug Club Reading Corner to encourage reading for pleasure
  • Rapid Reading to help older children who are behind with reading to catch up
  • Rapid Phonics to help older children who struggle with phonics to catch up.
In this pack you get 1028 children's books, plus teaching resources.
Part of Primary Literacy Reading Pathways

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Production date:September 2023