Supporting your pupils beyond phonics

Teaching reading and spelling in Year 2

Supporting your pupils to become lifelong readers beyond their phonics learning has never been easier!

Whilst previous reading guidance has often focused on EYFS and Year 1, the updated Reading Framework also emphasises the importance of and gives guidance on the effective teaching of reading in Year 2 and beyond. It is full of ideas and advice for making sure that all children acquire crucial reading skills quickly and effectively, and that struggling readers swiftly catch up with their peers. 

Take a look at the key themes of the Framework with us below through a Year-2-and-beyond lens, and explore how Bug Club and Rapid can support you.

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Our advice for teaching beyond phonics

One of the key areas to focus on in Year 2 and beyond is reading fluency. If children can’t read fluently, they will have difficulty in accessing the whole curriculum throughout their school careers – and they will also miss out on the many benefits of reading for pleasure. When pupils gain fluency their motivation increases, which in turn promotes engagement. Fluency is progressive – as a teacher, you can help children increase their fluency at whatever stage of development they’re currently at, using the carefully levelled books in Bug Club Independent.

Download our Developing Fluency document for advice and support (PDF, 359Kb)

The importance of reading for pleasure is a thread that runs throughout the Reading Framework. Research has consistently shown that pupils who enjoy reading and read independently for pleasure are more likely to be academically successful– not only in literacy, but right across the curriculum. This effect seems to be long-lasting, and also it’s not dependent on a pupil’s background – pupils who read widely with enjoyment do better at school regardless of their family situation.

In line with recommendations in the Reading Framework, we offer a variety of fiction and non-fiction books as well as plays, poetry and comics to encourage reading for pleasure, and these books simultaneously teach pupils cross-curricular vocabulary. We encourage excitement with a wide range of choice, including diverse and inclusive books where pupils can see themselves represented, as well as the experiences of others. When pupils have the option to choose what they read, they tend to have higher levels of motivation. Bug Club Reading Corner will help boost your library with high-quality, diverse books to ensure all children are able to find something they can identify with and love. Bug Club Shared books are great for story time.

Download our Reading for Pleasure document for advice and support (PDF, 333Kb)

Reading opens up whole new worlds and is an excellent way to learn new things. Our range of fully decodable books feature interesting and varied topics that encourage pupils to read, listen and talk about the texts to develop their comprehension. A guided reading programme like Bug Club Guided uses a dialogic approach to achieve comprehension mastery.

Download our Comprehension document for advice and support (PDF, 355Kb)

Shared reading directly addresses the Reading Framework – pupils can develop their oracy by having opportunities to engage in quality discussions about the texts. By prioritising reading aloud, followed by vocabulary and comprehension discussions, pupils can improve their ability to express themselves using rich and challenging words from subject areas in the wider curriculum such as art, geography, history and science which can be found in Bug Club Shared. Bug Club Guided Reading books are brilliant to use to boost oracy, as the books are designed to spark discussion and encourage children to share their opinions. The Guided Reading cards help teachers build opportunities to speak and listen into every session.

Download our Oracy document for advice and support (PDF, 197Kb)

All or many pupils are likely to need to consolidate their Year 1 phonics knowledge in Year 2. Bug Club Phonics has built-in assessment to identify areas requiring focus and includes advice on how to address gaps quickly to ensure children can both access the wider curriculum and progress in their reading. For learners who haven't passed the Phonics Screening Check, Rapid Phonics is an effective intervention solution with a more granular progression than Bug Club Phonics to support them to catch-up. Pupils are provided with a range of decodable hi-lo fiction and non-fiction books matched to the Rapid Phonics progression to ensure they can still read books that interest them whilst supporting their developing reading skills.

Download our Phonics Assessment and Intervention document for advice and support (PDF, 220Kb)

An evidence-based phonics programme such as Bug Club Phonics is a great tool in supporting pupils to unlock the alphabetic code to get them reading and spelling. Even after completing a phonics programme, pupils in year 2 and beyond will need to continue being taught spelling, as it is more difficult than reading. A fun and interactive spelling programme with quick-fire diagnostic checks like Grammar and Spelling Bug, encourages an investigative approach where children discover spelling rules for themselves via guided activities, helping them to better remember spelling rules. 

Download our Spelling document for advice and support (PDF, 236Kb)

Parents are instrumental in the development of their child’s education and by engaging them with accessible tools and resources, they can play a role in getting them interested in books. Our Bug Club and Rapid eBook libraries feature highly engaging titles with beautifully illustrated stories that are rich in vocabulary that can be accessed at home for parents to read with their children. Inside cover notes in each book are provided to help you and your pupils’ parents know how to deepen their understanding. We have created a guide for parents to help them support their child’s reading.

Download our Engaging Parents document for advice and support (PDF, 249Kb)

Supporting your pupils beyond phonics webinar

Your Year 2 pupils have finished their core phonics learning – so what’s next? Watch our webinar with our Primary Literacy Advisor who explores the key Literacy skills children should be developing in Year 2 and how Pearson can support you in delivering the requirements of the Reading Framework in this important year group.

Our "beyond phonics" recommendations

Subscription ISBN What's included?
KS1 Bug Club eBook Library  9781292731704

Our high-quality eBook Library for KS1 containing a wide range of new and existing Bug Club titles, written by a diverse team of authors and featuring family-favourite characters:

  • Bug Club Independent
  • Bug Club Guided
  • Bug Club Shared
  • Bug Club Reading Corner

Everything you need to help children develop their fluency, comprehension, and a reading for pleasure culture in Year 2.

Rapid Phonics 9781292723044

Rapid Phonics consists of a teacher toolkit, lively age-appropriate eBooks, and fantastic interactive activities to build confidence and fluency.

Everything you need to help children who have not yet mastered phonics to catch up quickly.

KS1 Grammar and Spelling Bug 9781292239767

Grammar and Spelling Bug offers online practice games and video tutorials, teaching guidance, diagnostic checks, and summative assessments to help show children's progress.

It fully covers all National Curriculum requirements for spelling, grammar and punctuation to provide the foundations needed for good writing. 


For Year 2 print recommendations, take a look at our Year 2 order form (xls, 623Kb). To place your order, simply request a call from our dedicated team.

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