Rigby Star Guided 2 Orange Level, How the Turtle Got His Shell Pupil Book (single)


Once upon a time the turtle didn’t have a shell. Then one day, the turtle crept into the parrot’s garden. The parrot was angry and tried to cook the turtle for his tea. Turtle got stuck in the mixing bowl and was able to escape. And that’s how the turtle got his shell!


Illustrated by Tania Hurt-Newton

Genre: 'just so' story

Learning Objectives: 

Language Comprehension

Strand 7: Use syntax and context to build their store of vocabulary when reading for meaning.

Writing Opportunities

Strand 9: Draw on knowledge and experience of texts in deciding how to write (e.g. how to write a ‘just-so’ style story).

Part of Rigby Star Guided

Product details

Production date:April 2000