Heinemann Active Maths First Level Real-Life Problem Solving Large School Pack

Active learning. Active teaching. Real progression.

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Deliver the Curriculum for Excellence with confidence!  Heinemann Active Maths is an activity-led maths programme created specifically for Scottish Primary schools, with the Curriculum for Excellence and Active Learning at its heart.

Heinemann Active Maths’ Real-Life Problem Solving Software contains 18 challenging problem-solving activities for each Level. Each activity is introduced by high-quality BBC video, providing an exciting way in and focus for initial discussion.

Real-Life Problem Solving Software:

  • Delivers interactive maths within real contexts to help your children grasp new concepts and develop their problem-solving skills.
  • Is designed for individual pupil, group or whole-class teaching and learning.
  • Features open-ended activities to develop children’s critical thinking skills.
  • Comes complete with comprehensive teacher notes, including suggested strategies, ways to vary the problem, and further support and extension.


This Large School Pack is for schools with more than 100 pupils.

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Product details

Production date:June 2010