Heinemann Active Maths - Second Level - Exploring Number - Gameboards

Active learning. Active teaching. Real progression.

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Deliver the Curriculum for Excellence with confidence!  Heinemann Active Maths is an activity-led maths programme created specifically for Scottish Primary schools, with the Curriculum for Excellence and Active Learning at its heart. 

Heinemann Active Maths:

  • Unpicks the CfE outcomes and experiences into manageable and achievable classroom outcomes.
  • Engages pupils with a bank of stimulating, varied and exciting interactive and print-based activities.
  • Follows an active approach to maths teaching and learning with an emphasis on real-life situations.

* This component forms part of the Exploring Number Second Level Starter Pack, but can be purchased individually.

Heinemann Active Maths' Game Boards Pack consists of 35 full-colour, re-usable game boards that are ideal for creating an exciting and active learning environment. The game boards support the active learning sections of each Teacher Activity Card.

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Production date:November 2010