Heinemann Active Maths Northern Ireland - Key Stage 2 - Exploring Number - Answer Book

NI Heinemann Active Maths - Exploring Number P5-7 Answer Book


Heinemann Active Maths Northern Ireland is a new activity-led maths programme created specifically for schools in Northern Ireland.  It unpicks the Northern Ireland Curriculum into manageable chunks and links to the Revised Lines of Development and Levels of Progression in Using Mathematics across the Curriculum

Heinemann Active Maths Northern Ireland:

  • Engages pupils with a bank of stimulating, varied and exciting interactive and print-based activities.
  • Follows an active approach to maths teaching and learning with an emphasis on real-life situations
  • Helps children develop a concrete understanding of maths concepts through investigation and discussion


Part of Heinemann Active Maths for NI

Product details

Production date:February 2012