New Heinemann Maths Reception Teaching File and CD Rom 02/2008

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NHM has a versatile two-pronged approach to planning, allowing you to organise your teaching by topic or by blocked unit of work according to the Renewed Framework for mathematics

The NHM Teaching File assists you in planning and delivering motivational lessons.  It helps you to progress through core areas of learning at a pace appropriate to your class.

The Teaching File is accompanied by a CD Rom. The combination of electronic and paper-based planning will save you hours of time.

The Teaching File:

  • Provides true variety and interactivity for your oral and mental starters.
  • Suggests a wide choice of practical and oral teaching activities and suggestions for clearly focused review sessions.
  • Activities enable you to adjust the pace of teaching to suit your class and offer options for consolidation, reinforcement, extension and differentiation.


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Production date:February 2008