New Heinemann Maths Year 6 Complete Reference Pack 02/2008

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All your maths needs covered. Flexible and practical, New Heinemann Maths enables you to organise your teaching by topic or by blocked unit of work. This complete maths programme provides outstanding planning support, exceptional teacher resources and motivating pupil materials.

The NHM Year 6 Complete Reference Pack consists of:

  • 1 x Organising and Planning Guide
  • 1 x Teaching File
  • 1 x Teaching Resource Book
  • 1 x Textbook
  • 1 x Extension Textbook
  • 1 x Assessment Workbook and Answer Book

The Complete Reference Pack includes:

  • Teaching Resource Book, and Teaching File– This helps you to progress through core activities at a pace appropriate to your class. It offers you a balance of oral and practical activities, enables you to adjust the teaching pace to suit your class and gives options for consolidation, reinforcement, extension and differentiation.
  • Organising and Planning Guide – This provides all the support you need to implement the programme and plan your lessons.
  • 1 Textbook and 1 Extension Textbook – These child-friendly books reinforce fluency in number facts and provide problem-solving activities.
  • Assessment Workbook and Answer Book – These combine short-term, long-term and continuous assessment strategies.
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Production date:February 2008