Meet the experts behind Power Maths

Power Maths is based on extensive research into maths teaching around the world and is written by world-leading educational experts with years of experience in embedding effective mastery approaches including:

  • Tony Staneff, Series Editor – Head of External Initiatives at Trinity MAT, and leader of a team of mastery experts supporting schools across the UK in introducing teaching for mastery methods.

  • Jenny Lewis, Stephen Monaghan, Beth Smith and Kelsey Brown – mastery experts and experienced maths teachers within Trinity Multi-Academy Trust.

  • Professor Jian Liu, Series Consultant and Author – Professor Liu has developed one of the most popular maths textbook programmes in China, used by over 20 million children. He and his team of 12 authors are all highly experienced in intelligent practice and in embedding key maths concepts through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.

  • A team of experienced authors including Josh Lury, Cherri Moseley, Paul Wrangles, Katie Williams, Caroline Hamilton and White Rose Maths (Faye Hurst, Amy Howe and Jane Brown).

  • A group of 15 teachers and maths coordinators to ensure it meets the specific needs of children in the UK.

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