Power Maths Teacher Guide 5B: White Rose Maths Edition

The whole-class mastery approach that works for every child.

This edition is fully aligned with the new White Rose Maths schemes of learning (version 3.0) and has been updated in response to current mastery best practice and feedback from teachers.

Based on research into effective teaching practices around the world, and authored by mastery experts, Power Maths is designed to spark curiosity, encourage a growth mindset and deepen children's understanding.

The Power Maths Teacher Guides provide expert support for day-to-day teaching and continual professional development, including:
  • How to implement a mastery approach using the Textbooks and Practice Books. 
  • Advice and commentary for each Textbook and Practice Book page, including ‘Strengthen' and ‘Deepen' ideas for children that need more support or stretch.
  • A guide to the concepts introduced in each unit, including important structures and representations, key language, common misconceptions and intervention strategies.
  • Support with key strategies such as modelling a growth mindset, assessing mastery, speedy same-day intervention, and implementing a C-P-A approach.
  • Templates for teacher reflection, lesson study, and tracking pupil progress. 
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Production date:May 2023