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Rapid Maths is the ideal way to help struggling learners catch up with their peers in maths. With lots of variety including board games, Rapid Maths makes catch-up fun and gives each child personalised support and repeated practice in the fundamentals of numeracy. Plus, it's proven to double children’s progress in number skills.

“I am more confident now. I like doing the homework!” – Pupil, Wyndham Primary Academy, Derby

Rapid Maths Content Pages

There are content page overviews for the Rapid Maths series (Stages 1 to 5) to help you decide what topics your pupils need to focus on.

Teaching Guides

Comprehensive teaching guides and book notes act as straightforward foundations for improving pupil confidence. The teaching guide has been written for class teachers, teaching assistants, special needs staff, tutors and any other adults working with the children. 

Pupil Books

Textbook with questions for children to work through with adult support, with varied and engaging 'real life' maths activities.

Games Pack

A colourful games pack for each Level allows pupils to practise skills in a fun context. Games are an enjoyable way of beginning to understand new ideas and of learning number facts. The five different full-colour games in the games pack are carefully linked to the other pupil materials, but they can also be used independently. There are black-and-white versions in the Copymasters, too, so you can send a copy home for children to play with friends or family.

Home Maths Books

The home maths book aims to inspire parents, carers, other family members and the children themselves to do some maths at home. It includes a mixture of practical activities, games and exercises to try, many of which can be done again and again.


The Copymasters provide important additional work in a fill-in or cut-up format. Use the Copymasters as flexibly as you wish; you may want children to leave some out, or to repeat some several times. Many Copymasters (including the Games) provide work suitable for taking home. The photocopiable worksheets are provided for every classroom session to extend and re-enforce topics covered in class.

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