Rapid Maths: Stage 2 Pupil Book


Rapid Maths is the ideal way to help struggling learners catch up with their peers in maths. With lots of variety plus games, Rapid Maths makes catch-up fun and gives each child personalised support and repeated practice in the fundamentals of numeracy. Plus, it's proven to double children’s progress in number skills.

  • Helps children master basic number skills to enable them to access the curriculum.
  • Clear layout and a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach helps to support struggling learners.
  • Gradual spiral progression in number skills to aid confidence.
  • Varied and engaging 'real life' maths activities.
  • Time saving and accessible teacher and TA resources.
  • Ideal for home learning.
  • Textbook with questions for child to work through with adult support.
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Production date:June 2009