SHM Delivering the Curriculum for Excellence: Second Teacher Book

Helping you to implement Curriculum for Excellence

To help you use SHM to deliver A Curriculum for Excellence, we’ve produced support in the form of our Delivering the Curriculum for Excellence Guides. These are available for Early, First and Second levels, and when used alongside the Teaching File, contain everything you need to plan your lessons to deliver the outcomes and experiences of the new curriculum, including suggestions for embedding AiFL into your teaching.

Designed to help you embed a more active approach to learning and develop children’s mathematical thinking skills within relevant contexts, the guides help ensure your classroom is a Curriculum for Excellence classroom by:

  • Making it happen: Planning support and matching charts aligned to the finalized experiences and outcomes
  • Sharing practice: CD-ROM shows video clips of good practice
  • Developing thinking skills: New problem-solving activities.

The Delivering the Curriculum for Excellence Guides are available as part of the Complete Reference Packs, or to buy separately.

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Product details

Production date:April 2008