Abacus Evolve Challenge Year 1 Workbook Pack (x4 Workbooks)

Ensure your more able children are stretched to reach their full potential with Abacus Evolve Challenge.

The Abacus Evolve Challenge Year 1/P2 Workbook Pack contains 4 workbooks designed to stretch and challenge your gifted and talented Year 1/P2 pupils. Challenge contains a range of enrichment and extension activities with a fourth level of differentiation above that found in other programmes.

Abacus Evolve Challenge Year 1/P2 Workbook Pack contains:

  • 4 x Year 1 Workbook

The Challenge workbooks provide:

  • Activities designed for individuals, pairs or groups, to aid independent practice.
  • Open-ended activities, to promote using and applying and collaboration.
  • Extra activities for children who finish early, to aid classroom management.
  • Questions displayed in speech bubbles for children to discuss together, promoting speaking and listening skills.
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Product details

Production date:August 2020