NELI Essential (existing NELI users) – LanguageScreen and NELI training, support and mentorship

£400.00 + £80.00 UK VAT
This Essential package provides all the digital components needed to continue with the NELI programme from September 2024. It includes LanguageScreen to assess pupils, CPD-certified training, support and mentoring.
Your subscription to this product will start on 1 September 2024 and you will be invoiced at this point. Subscriptions auto renew after 1 year.
  • LanguageScreen is used to assess all pupils' language skills and identify any children who may benefit from additional support or intervention. A 10–15-minute LanguageScreen assessment has been shown to be as accurate as a traditional 30-minute assessment by a Speech and Language Therapist. LanguageScreen is also used to track the progress of individual children and classes over time as well as monitor the impact of intervention.
  • Comprehensive training equips teachers and teaching assistants with an understanding of the importance of oral language and the skills and knowledge to deliver the NELI intervention. Courses are provided online, via FutureLearn, so you can complete the courses as and when it's convenient to you. The NELI programme includes 3 online training courses and a delivery support hub to teach you everything you need to know about delivering the intervention. The courses are certified for a total of 12 hours of CPD.
  • Wrap-around support including a full year of webinars to provide in-depth advice on key aspects of the NELI programme, regular emails to guide your delivery and a support team to answer your questions through email or chat are also provided.
This product is for existing (funded) users of the NELI programme looking to renew onto an unfunded subscription from September 2024. If your whole school has fewer than 150 pupils, you have not had NELI funded or you want to add NELI Whole Class or ReadingScreen, please contact us here.
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Production date:August 2024