OxEd NELI Whole Class Teacher Guide

NELI Whole Class is your companion to the NELI programme. It has been developed to be used alongside the NELI programme, delivered by a teacher to the whole class. NELI Whole Class complements and enhances NELI to support you in delivering oral language enrichment to all the children in your class as well as further boosting the skills of the children who are receiving the intervention. It targets vocabulary, narrative skills, and active listening.

Buying this product will get you your NELI Whole Class teacher guide which contains an introduction to the programme, a bank of session activities, a bank of flashcard games and song activities, and photocopiable activity sheets. 

For NEW schools, this teacher guide also requires a training, support and mentoring subscription. Contact our team to chat through your options.
Part of The NELI Programme

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Production date:December 2023