Science Bug Pupil Book Year 5

Fuel curiosity. Spark imagination.


Science Bug is an exciting hands-on science programme designed for today’s curious kids!

It’s been written for the new primary science programme of study by an expert author team led by Anne Goldsworthy, to help you spark imagination, fuel curiosity, spark imagination and nurture inspired and confident young scientists.

Part of the Science Bug toolkit, the pupil books provide:


  • interesting and unusual science facts
  • exciting ideas for research
  • opportunities for further independent study
  • clear diagrams and photos to support children's understanding
  • fun skills pages focussing on building children's Working Scientifically skills.


Series Editor: Anne Goldsworthy


Authors: Debbie Eccles, Deborah Herridge and Tanya Shields

Part of Science Bug

Product details

Production date:June 2015