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The Grammar for Writing Pedagogy

Professor Debra Myhill directs an educational research team at the University of Exeter. As well as being Associate Dean of Research, Debra also leads on the Secondary English PGCE course at the University and is a former English teacher.

Debra and her team published the findings of a three-year study into the effectiveness of contextualised grammar teaching – a pedagogy developed at the University of Exeter and now called Grammar for Writing, which has been proven to almost double the rate of writing progress. Download our information flyer for a brief summary of the research and results.

Watch these short videos and hear Debra talking about the pedagogy and the further research into weaker writers.



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Grammar for Writing Pedagogy Guide

'How to accelerat e progress in writing at KS3

summarises the core principles of the Grammar for Writing pedagogy.



accelerate progress in writing

Download the Scottish version here


Weaker Writers Research Summary

'Raising the Attainment of Weaker Writers '


Raising the attainment of Weaker Writers Guide 






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