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Student Books (pack of 3)

W250_CoversThree full-colour Student Books each contain two of the six units of work, making it easy to use different units with different year groups. Extracts from real texts encourage students to explore the choices made by writers and to experiment with creating these effects in their own writing.


Student Book Units 1 and 2

Unit 1 'Alter Egos' explores texts such as The WitchesFlip and Twilight. It looks at how the authors of these texts create pace and tension, engage the reader and use narrative voice and viewpoint to portray a sense of a split identity.  

Unit 2 'Writing the World' looks at how people write about the world of nature in documentaries and environmental campaigns to understand how nature is described and presented in popular media.

Try free lessons from this book:

Unit 1: 'Alter Egos', Lesson 11 - Emphasising Meaning.

Unit 2: 'Writing the World, Lesson 3 - Describing Nature by Using Comparisons.


Student Book Units 3 and 4

Unit 3 'Spy Fiction' explores the elements that make an engaging spy story, developing language skills in order to entertain and thrill the reader.  

Unit 4 'Explain' looks at how to write to inform and explain for different audiences by exploring some of the unusual activities some people carry out in their spare time.  

Try free lessons from this book:

Unit 3: 'Spy Fiction', Lesson 3 - Pace and Threat.

Unit 4: 'Explain', Lesson 5 - Building Up Your Sentences.


Student Book Units 5 and 6

Unit 5 'News writing' looks at the key features of newspaper reports, how language choices can be made to imply a point of view and influence the reader’s opinion and how to condense large amounts of information.

Unit 6 'Dystopia' uses texts such as 1984Animal Farm and Brave New World, as well as more recent novels such as The Hunger Games and Gone. It looks at how the authors of these novels create settings and histories for their dystopias and helps students to create their own dystopias to build a sense of fear within their readers.

Try free lessons from this book:

Unit 5: News Writing, Lesson 2 - Hitting the Headlines.

Unit 6: Dystopia, Lesson 2 - Imperfect Perfection.


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