"As a department we recently evaluated our first term using Text: Building Skills in English Student Book 1 and the decision was unanimous - we love it and are about to place an order for the Book 2 for the whole of Year 8.


We have found the lesson plans to be appropriate and adaptable as well as innovative. They are pertinent to the areas of the curriculum we want to study. The material is carefully chosen and engage us and the students. I love the disc with the objectives and plans - they can so easily be disseminated and are accessible to all. What time-savers! It's all done for us and exactly the way we would want it!


We love LiveText - it enhances key points and embeds learning, expecially the key skills. The students love the text books and the way that they are presented and the stimulus that they give. The AFL and APP tasks are perfect for our half termly and interim assessment policy, both in the department and whole school. The course is on our VLE which is great support for students homework and when they have to miss school."

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