"The materials are engaging for pupils. They really enjoy the interactive nature of the electronic starters and the format of LiveText is student-friendly. My colleagues have almost universally praised the quality of the lesson plans and assessment materials which have taken the headache out of planning for the new curriculum. The scheme fits in brilliantly with the MGP (Making Good Progress) pilot running in South Tyneside as it allows us to track student progress, in all assessment focuses, for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


The lesson plans are packed with lively activities, addressing a range of learning styles. They comprehensively cross-reference objectives from the new curriculum, functional skills and cross-curricular themes. All are adaptable for a range of abilities. The student sheets have been particularly useful for supporting weaker students. Colleagues like the multi-media teaching and learning materials - e.g. film clips and audio files. However, they also appreciate the back-up of a traditional text book, should anything go wrong with the school network/classroom technology!


Self-assessment has been built into the scheme which has helped us to improve our departmental approach to individualised learning. The exempler materials mark grids are all really helpful - we encourage pupils to highlight specific assessment criteria themselves, so that they can map their own progress. It means that areas of weakness can be pinpointed more exactly and targets set to address these."

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