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We developed Rapid Plus alongside Dee Reid, founder of Catch Up, to support KS3 struggling, EAL, and SEN readers. It's independently proven to more than double progress in just a few months. Students see themselves as 'real readers' for the first time, and teachers report seeing them grow more confident across all of their subjects.

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Why Rapid Plus?

  • Age-appropriate content, with real-life topics, to inspire a love of reading in KS3 students.
  • A dyslexia-friendly font that was designed especially for the series.
  • Innovative software, featuring a 'read to me' feature to encourage independent learning.
  • Teaching support and level tests that both specialists and non-specialists will find easy to use.

To find out more, download our course guide (PDF 43.4 MB).

You can also watch our video of Dee Reid introducing the Rapid Plus books and software below:  


Rapid: the proven intervention programmeThe Rapid Family

The proven intervention approach for primary reading, writing, phonics and maths 

Rapid is the complete intervention solution for struggling primary learners working behind Age Related Expectations, and for KS2 children with special educational needs.

Based on proven pedagogies, Rapid has been shown over and over to hugely improve confidence and accelerate learning - often doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their rate of progress.

Find out more about the Primary Rapid Family.





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