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Designed to be easy to implement for both specialist and non-specialists, Rapid Plus is suitable for a wide range of teachers, students and classrooms.

Take a look at the reviews and case studies below: 

Teach Secondary 2020 by Adam Riches

"Rapid Plus leaves readers with effective reading skills that will stay with them. The Reading Books at each Rapid Plus stage are laid out with an optimal number of words per page in accordance with the Catch Up pedagogy practised by Dee Reid (see

This attention to detail shows how the stories used go beyond traditional notions of ‘reading difficulty’ by factoring in a number of other metrics that will help readers improve and refine their skills over time in a sustainable way.

The Rapid Plus materials are also available via Pearson’s ActiveLearn online platform, allowing the content to be accessed remotely. With students able to continue their reading at home, schools can thus use the resource to encourage a uniquely organic and accessible approach to reading."

Read the full review here. (PDF 609 KB)


Neath Port Talbot study

Conducted in 2012, four schools in Neath Port Talbot conducted a pilot study to examine the impact of the Rapid Plus series with their SEN and struggling readers. 

Read their findings (PDF 4KB)

Rapid Plus

Special Children magazine review

First pubilshed in Special Children magazine in 2011, Graeme Whyte examines how Rapid Plus builds on the primary Rapid literacy scheme, and looks at how effective the programme is at getting struggling students excited about reading. 

“There are assessment books for each level, a teacher’s guide and online software for independent work at home or at school. The programme has been thoroughly prepared. The books are carefully graded to move up steadily from a reading age of 6.6 to 8.6. Three new sets appear in 2012 taking the reading level to 9.6…the teaching guide will prove very useful. It gives clear guidance for both one to one, and small group lessons… This is an excellent series that will be helpful and entertaining for students, easy for teachers and TAs to use, and comes at a price that most schools should be able to afford…”

Read the full review (PDF 2.19MB) 

The Rapid Family 

We also have Rapid intervention solutions for primary reading, writing, phonics and maths. 

>Find out more about how Rapid can help your KS1/2 students. 

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