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Catch-up funding

The Year 7 catch-up premium has now been replaced by the Covid Catch-up plan for 2020/2021 academic year. Please see here for more information.

The Year 7 catch-up premium is government funding to support mathematics, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling for those pupils not meeting age related expectations on entry into secondary school. 

Schools can use the funding to pay for:

  • individual tuition
  • intensive small-group tuition
  • external services and materials
  • summer schools that help students catch up over a short period of time. 

Schools have to produce an annual report on what they spent this money on which they publish on their website. 

Some schools are already using Rapid Plus as part of their catch-up premium spend. 

If you are an academy/free school you get it paid directly. If you are any other type of school you receive it via your Local Authority. 

For more information please visit the government website.

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