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Supporting great history teaching

Designed to help develop confidentarticulate and successful historians, ours are the only resources for the Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9–1) History specification to offer print and digital resources for every option – helping you plan, teach, track and assess your chosen topics with confidence.

Core components


Student Books

(inc. Foundation level)




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(various subscriptions)


Download our course guide to learn more about our GCSE (9–1) History course and resources.
  • Supports both teachers and students in understanding the content and assessment requirements
  • Designed to help every student make progress
  • Develops and improves students’ historical thinking and writing skills
  • Expert support for exam preparation and practice


Helps every student make progress


  • To ensure all students can enjoy, understand and make progress in history, our resources are clearly structured with accessible text, engaging images and sources and differentiated activities.
  • We also provide Foundation Student Books for the five most popular options. With reduced content and language level, they offer greater support to students with weaker literacy skills, or those for whom English is not their first language, and are easy to use alongside the core textbooks.

Lets you track progress with confidence

  • ActiveLearn Progress & Assess (formerly Pearson Progression Services) for history is a reliable, easy to use system to track students’ progress, from KS3 to GCSE. It can work alongside your own system, will give you confidence in your data, help you plan appropriate interventions, and save your teachers’ time.
  • ActiveLearn Progress & Assess for KS4 is included in a full KS4 History ActiveLearn subscription or available as a separate subscription.

Provides time-saving tools to help you manage teaching time

  • Helps you manage teaching time with a free Interactive Scheme of Work that recommends how long to spend on each unit and provides a guide for teaching the content, including suggested topics and an idea of when to teach skills
  • Gives you time-saving digital teaching tools and materials including editable lesson plans and worksheets, PowerPoints and teacher notes to support Thinking Historically and Writing Historically approaches, exam practicePowerPoints and assessments. 



Target intervention workbooks

Designed to help underperforming students:

  • catch up

  • keep up

  • make expected progress

  • reach their target grade.

Available for the schools' price of only £2.49* (RRP £4.99) when you quote 568OTHR at checkout. Download free samples

Helps students get exam ready

  • Our resources provide advice on getting to grips with assessment requirements, including why interpretations differ, writing structured analytical narratives and framing historically valid questions.
  • Each Student Book is designed to help your students show what they know and understand about history to the best of their ability, with practice exam questions, tips and annotated sample answers for every question type, as well as end-of-unit assessments with mark schemes .



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