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KS4 ActiveLearn

Our ActiveLearn combines time-saving digital tools and materials to help you plan, teach, track and assess the Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9─1) History qualification with confidence.

What’s more, the service has been developed together with our Student Books to give one coherent approach that helps to nurture students’ confidence and support you with the delivery of great history teaching.

Our Combined ActiveLearn subscription contains all 16 topics - or each topic is available separately.

What can you expect from ActiveLearn?

Editable lesson plans you can tailor to your students

Front-of-class version of the book to use with your classes

Ready-made student worksheets

Extra materials for Thinking Historically and Writing Historically, including PowerPoints and teacher notes to help you get the most out of this approach.

 Exam practice PowerPoints and Exam-style assessments to help your students get ready for their exams

● End of topic assessments to help you keep track of your students' progress and identify weaknesses. 

Read more about what's in our Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) ActiveLearn. 


"ActiveLearn is an incredibly well thought out online innovation that is rich in content, support and learning."

John Dabel, Reviewer, Teach Secondary 



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