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Creating a passion for history at KS3 that inspires young historians.

Exploring History is designed to spark students’ interest in history. Through enthralling narratives, sources, lively illustrations, differentiated activities and engaging enquiry questions, it inspires students of all abilities.

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Instilling passion

Through a well-structured, chronological curriculum, Exploring History gives you the tools to focus on instilling and encouraging this passion in all learners.

It provides differentiated and flexible materials underpinned by a carefully sequenced progression through historical knowledge and skills, and supports planning, teaching and tracking progress across either a two or three year delivery. 


Developing confience


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Exploring History helps students acquire, develop and retain the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to become confident historians. 

Activities gradually increase the level of demand along the four key skills strands of the Pearson Progression Scale.

In addition, it helps improves students' writing skills through techniques employed by our unique ‘Writing Historically’ approach.

Measuring progress

Exploring History works with ActiveLearn Progress & Assess (formerly Pearson Progression Services) to make tracking progress simple and accurate. Assessments are offered at key points throughout KS3 to capture data and provide strengths and weakness analysis, helping you see clearly what students have learnt and retained and where gaps exist.

The materials also help you ensure students are well-prepared to go on to study History at GCSE, by giving students the key knowledge and skills they need to get to grips with GCSE topics and incrementally introducing GCSE-style questions.






Free interactive scheme of work

Our Interactive Scheme of Work, powered by ActiveLearn, helps with content selection at KS3 by recommending teaching routes based on the options you select at GCSE and whether you teach KS3 over two or three years. It is free for everyone and you can get started immediately.

Print Schemes of Work are also available to download in both 3-year and 2-year versions.

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