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Preparing in KS3 for success at GCSE

KS3 and GCSE (9-1) resources providing a seamless 5-year curriculum with a full range of teaching and learning materials that prepares students for Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History from the start of KS3.

What can you expect from our 11-16 resources

  • a consistent teaching and learning experience across KS3 and KS4
  • easy to use and reliable student progress-tracking and assessment across 11-16 with our Pearson Progression Services
  • one coherent approach to planning, delivery with teacher support and scheme of work, plus our ActiveLearn Digital Service at KS4. 

Thinking Historically

Improving conceptual understanding

Developing solid conceptual understanding empowers students to ask better questions, analyse evidence more rigorously and subtly, understand what interpretations are and why they differ, and respond more flexibly to exam questions.

We’ve been working with Dr Arthur Chapman at the Institute of Education, University College London, to develop a research-based model of how students’ conceptual understanding of history develops in the key strands of Evidence, Interpretations, Cause & Consequence and Change & Continuity. The model shows how these ideas grow into a sophisticated understanding of historical practice through the overcoming of increasingly subtle misconceptions.

Using this model, we’ve worked with practising history teachers to develop engaging activities targeting the misconceptions that GCSE students often struggle with. We’ve called  these “Thinking Historically” activities, as they are designed to help move student thinking  towards that of professional historians. 

These activities appear regularly throughout our Student Books, so they are easy to integrate into your teaching and have been matched to the requirements of the different papers.

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