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Purposeful Practice Books

A brand-new kind of maths practice book developed with UK teachers and based on cutting-edge approaches to help students make the most of practice.

"These are books that deliver on what the titles promise, purposefully developing a range of maths skills including reasoning, reflection and fluency, as well as boosting exam preparedness." - John Dabell, Teach Secondary

  • Our unique Purposeful Practice Books use minimal variation to bolster students’ Key Stage 3 and GCSE studies in and out of the classroom.
  • Each book encourages progression for all with over 4,500 concise and varied questions that:

    • build in small steps to consolidate knowledge and boost confidence
    • deepen understanding by helping students connect, reason and reflect on what they’re learning
    • focus on strengthening skills and strategies, such as problem-solving
    • help every student put their learning into practice in different ways.
  • They can be used flexibly alongside current resources: in class, for homework, or independent study.

And for GCSE, there's extra support to get exam-ready with:

  • Targeted exam practice with questions modified from real GCSE (9–1) papers to help students start applying what they’ve learned to what they might see in assessments.
  • Exam feedback with grade indicators informed by ResultsPlus data to give meaningful insights into the level of difficulty of each exam-style question.

Try it for yourself

Practice is all about giving it a go, so download the sample chapter for Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9–1) Mathematics - Foundation (PDF 4.09 MB) and Higher (PDF 9.50 MB) to try it out for yourself. 






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