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To get the most out of our ActiveLearn Digital Service for KS3 and KS4 Maths, sign up for our in-school training workshops. We’ll come to your school to help you to feel confident using the tools and resources so you can embed it into your everyday teaching and learning. 

ActiveLearn Digital Service in-school training is the proven way to make the most of your subscription and become a more effective user of the service. 

Delivered by a specialist Pearson trainer and tailored to the individual needs of your school, our practical training: 

  • helps you learn how to use ALDS to deliver more engaging lessons
  • covers the full range of functionality and key benefits of ALDS, so you can ensure you’re getting optimum value for money from the service
  • shows you how to use ALDS to track progress, set targets and create flight paths with our Progression Services
  • gives you the heads-up about future developments, and the opportunity to feed back suggestions for improvements to ALDS, so you can ensure the service is effective as possible.

The sessions provide lots of time to ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand, and our experts will work with you to ensure everything is made clear. The training is practical, hands-on and delivered either as a half-day course or a twilight after-school session, allowing your whole department to participate easily.

Half day course/twilight session = £375.00 (+VAT)

Our paid-for in-school workshops are for UK schools only.

Meet your ALDS trainers

Amy Elliott                                               Gaynor Hudson

Gill Beckett                                              Keith Mallard

Kim Hamilton                                          Lynn-Ann Bostock

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