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Sample Chapters

Year 7 Student Books sample chapters

 Download Pi 1 sample

Pi 1 - lower ability   
(PDF 3.82 MB)    

 Download Theta 1 sample

Theta 1 - middle ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     

 Download Delta 1 sample

Delta 1 - higher ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     


Year 8 Student Books sample chapters

 Download Pi 3 sample

Pi 2 - lower ability 
(PDF 3.82 MB)     

 Download Theta 2 sample

Theta 2 - middle ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     

 Download Delta 2 sample

Delta 2 - higher ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     


Year 9 Student Books sample chapters

 Download Pi 2 sample unit

 Pi 3 lower ability 
(PDF 3.82 MB)     

 Download Theta 3 sample

Theta 3 middle ability 
(PDF 3.82 MB)     

 Download Delta 3 sample

 Delta 3 higher ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     


KS3 Maths Progress Progression Workbooks

Pi 1 Progression Workbook cover

Pi 1 lower ability 
(PDF 3.82 MB)     


Theta 2 middle ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     

 Delta 3 Progression Workbook cover


Delta 3 higher ability
(PDF 3.82 MB)     


Schemes of Work 


KS3 3-year schemes of work 

Pi 3-year scheme of work

Theta 3-year scheme of work

Delta 3-year scheme of work 


KS3 2-year schemes of work 

Pi 2-year scheme of work 

Theta 2-year scheme of work

Delta 2-year scheme of work


If you're starting to get your Year 9s prepared for GCSE (9-1), there are free Schemes of Work, mapping documents, and more available on the Pearson Edexcel website.


Looking for the new Maths Progress (2019)?

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KS3 Maths Progress: Student Book Answers

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