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Supporting Curriculum for Excellence - Scottish Secondary Mathematics

Brand new additions to Scottish Secondary Mathematics -  R3 and R4


Fully in line with the ethos of Curriculum for Excellence  R3 and R4 provide students with everything they need to know to head towards Credit Level. 

  • Clear ‘learning intentions’ head each section, providing concise summaries of key concepts.
  • Worked examples and extensive practice exercises lead towards contextualised work.
  • Early chapters focus on essential skills, supporting those students that need reinforcement of prior learning.
  • Activities linked to Curriculum for Excellence are clearly highlighted.
  • Regular discussion points reinforce learning.
  • A wealth of examples and exercises provide rigorous practice towards Credit Level.


S1 and S2 

  • Fully differentiated resources to stretch and challenge high-ability students, and provide support and consolidation for the less able.  
  • Comprehensive and well-structured Student Books, featuring plenty of contextualised examples to show students how maths relates to the real world.  
  • Comprehensive Teacher Resource Files, giving you unrivalled support in your teaching.


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Series Includes

  • x6 S1 & S2 Student Books
  • x2 S1 & S2 Teacher Files
  • x2   S3 & S4 Student Books
  • x1 Whiteboard Toolkit CD-ROM
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